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About This Character

Example lines said by Rivalz Cardemonde:
  • *Grunt* Some friend! Leaving me behind in this!
  • Prez, if Lelouch is who you want, then I, Rivalz Cardemonde, will give you what you want! My best friend in the world!
  • It's my time to shine!
  • Wait a minute! Im examining this game closely. Theres no way you can win!!!
  • Hey, Lelouch, according to the Nobleman, the old man was losing. How did you manage to turn it around in just one turn?
  • Hey buddy! Are you staring at the ladies?
  • Today we scored big time! Those nobles sure are cocky and that's why they always pay it big instead of weaseling their way out of a bet.
  • Milly is the one girl I look up to most and the girl I want to become my bride. The problem is she's too far out of my league.
  • Listen if we're going to do student council work, I think we should have some hourly breaks you know?
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