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About This Character

Example lines said by Reina:
  • (reverence)I...I really think Mr. Fuji is just a really lovely individual! His heart beat typically pulses at the rate of about 56 to 60 times per second.
  • (Concerned, yelling) And don't forget! You can speak with your mouth!
  • This is where abandoned and orphaned pokemon go.
  • One day Team Rocket attacked him and his mother
  • Mr. Fuuji says how people only use pokemon to breed for perfect IVs or be released after fainting when theyre still perfectly fine.
  • (Happy/Informative) You should talk to the founder of the Pokemon House, his name is Mr. Fuji. He says that lots of people around the world think of Pokemon as nothing more than tools or even accessories. Did you know that this house actually used to be Mr. Fujis own home? He remodeled it like this so it would have the facilities just for the Pokemon.
  • (Neutral, then slowly aggravated) Its a baby cubone, its only friendly to Mr. Fuji, but its very nervous around anyone else... and it's all because of Team Rocket...
  • (Serious/Aggravated, trying to be convincing) Then what are we supposed to do? Mr. Fuji went to Team Rockets base to protect all of us! Are you saying we should just abandon him? I cant believe youd act like this!
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