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About This Character

Example lines said by Red:
  • (Teaching) If you wanna catch a Pokmon... You gotta weaken it first, then throw the Pok Ball.
  • (Cocky) Hey miss, let me ask you something. Was my 6000 bucks worth A snorlax's Mega Punch?
  • (Weakly, faint) I am the champion... (grunts as he faints)
  • Well, see ya.
  • Go, Charizard!
  • Return!
  • Everyone in Pallet Town knows me. And if they dont, they should.
  • After all, Im the best Pokmon trainer in these parts!
  • So what exactly are Pokmon, you ask? They are strange creatures that live in forests and lakes.
  • Do you miss Charizard?
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