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About This Character

Example lines said by Ranma Saotome (Male):
  • (Annoyed) Why are we in that loser Ronin's room?

    (Calm and cheerful) Hey there little buddy; I like to introduce you to this lovely lady here my girlfriend Ukyo.
  • (Very angry threat) I am going to say this once Megane, if I find any more signs that you have hurt her I am going to hurt you, a lot.

    (Gentle and Concerned) Hey what's the matter little buddy?
  • (Annoyed and slightly Defensive) Oh I can be fun why there are some types of fun that I love to do at night such as the various kinds of fun I can have with my beloved Ucchan, or even getting to play with my little buddy Kentaro. Babysitting my overweight obnoxiously loud-mouthed drunkard father is not one of my ideas of fun.

    (Mock Sympathy/Facetious Tone) Oh what a sad age we live in, long ago the word Ronin was originally known as heroic wandering samurai whom often have quite the adventurous lives. Nowadays they are known as some poor dopes that weren't able to get into college and tend to have pathetic lives.
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