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About This Character

Example lines said by Rainbow Dash:
  • *Sing any Christmas Song you want*
  • [Morphing call] LOYALTY!
  • Element Ranger, Red!
  • I DID LOVE YOU! I tried so hard for you! I taught you everything I knew in hopes you would pass your test! You had it in you kid!
  • you moron! you never did have a good sense of direction
  • How cute. you think that you, a broken pile of manure could possibly stand in MY way?
  • RD: I'm old enough to know a party that's screwed when I see it. If you don't get that fire up and running pronto, you might as well kiss getting to Windthunk on time goodbye.
  • RD: You... You ponies have a nifty kind of a diet around here... (Nervous)
  • RD (quietly): Loyalty isn't all that special when it's spent alone.
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