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About This Character

Example lines said by Rainbow Dash:
  • Wow, I never met a phantom before!
  • Go, hurry! The rest of us will work on demolishing this pile of junk!
  • I'm telling you, a swordfight is NEVER out of place! If I could hold a sword, I'd fight ponies all the time!
  • (Singing) Been dreamin'/I've been waitin'/To fly with those great ponies/The Wonderbolts, their daring tricks/Spinning round and having kicks/Perform for crowds of thousands/They'll shower us with diamonds/The Wonderbolts will see me right here at the Gala!
  • (Training the Doctor how to fly) C'mon butter-boy! Give me another hundred laps!
  • (unimpressed) It was okay, it just needs to a be about 20% better
  • You still have an earth pony body so you have to work 10x as hard to get your heavy body off the ground. Good thing you have those big wings.
  • So let me get this straight. This Solaire guy, he's a zombie, right? But he kills other zombies. I know that's like a small part of it, Twi, but if I'm gonna be super-honest, that-that's all I really got from your thing.
  • I know things can get pretty weird around you, but this is like 'whoa', you know? A whole 'nother level if you catch my drift.
  • We could practically see the gears turning in that head of yours, Twi. Care to fill us in?
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