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About This Character

Example lines said by Rachel Alucard:
  • (Slight yawn/bored) It's such a pain, but I'll play with you. I expect to be amused.
  • Honestly, Ragna (RAHG-nuh), you're the most unintelligent waste of life I've ever seen in all my years. (Under her breath) But you are quite attractive. (Flustered) What?! No, no! I didn't say anything of the sort! I believe you should consult a doctor for your lack of hearing, you inbred oaf.
  • (Very irritated) The last thing I need is grief from that idiot that parades about in the facade of a doctor. Terumi (TARE-ooh-mee) is but a charlatan that gets his fun out of tormenting his patients. Do you not the remember the fruit crepe incident with the hot pepper? (Disgusted) How much I despise those ghastly things...
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