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About This Character

Example lines said by Queen Beryl:
  • Jadeite, you have failed me twice already, what will you pay for it?
  • It is said that whoever possesses the legendary silver crystal will be ruler of the universe
  • So, Jadeite (Jay-Deyte)... How about that Silvery Crystal?
  • Or how about the power that such an object of beauty contains?
  • No, Jadeite. Were not doing this again. Its cosmic power. Are we clear?
  • Jadeite, when will you bring me the legendary silver crystal!
  • Our great ruler needs more powers, collect more energy from the human, then get me the legendary silver crystal at once!
  • Does the legendary silver crystalreally have such tremendous power? Where could it be.
  • (Commanding) Four generals
  • Jadeite, you have failed me twice already...
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