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About This Character

Example lines said by Professor Oak:
  • You! Youre the Pok-thief! (angry)
  • Look at what you have done! (angry)
  • HfI wouldve said I was too old for this, if I had known wed be chasing Pokmon all the way to Viridian City. (exhausted)
  • Hello young trainer.
  • Shut up Gary!
  • Sure it is Steven.
  • (informative and proud) Hello there, and welcome to the world of Pokemon. My name is Professor Oak, Im often referred to as the Professor of Pokemon! There are some very interesting creatures that inhabit this world. And as you may be aware they are known the world over quite simply as Pokemon.
  • (Concerned) Whats wrong? Youre looking down.

    Alright but this is a long journey so dont push yourself too hard.
  • (Excited) Red! You defeated the Pokemon League! I came to congratulate you! Im quite impressed how youve grown since you left that day with Charmander on your quest to complete the pokedex. You know Red, you really have come of age now!
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