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About This Character

Example lines said by Professor Oak:
  • You must be more careful, my lad. The tall grass is dangerous. Who knows what wild Pokmon could jump you.
  • (Worried/angry) Brian! Call Squirtle back, it's seriously wounded and could die! IDOT!!!! Do as I say or you'll loose your Pokmon!
  • (Devious) Imagine my surprise when I find the exact girl I spent years searching for stealing my Squirtle.
  • (Stern) And who might you be, young man? A theif?
  • (Thoughtful) It seems Red and Blue have grown through eachother. Not only have they both matured, but they know eachother like the back of there pokedex.
  • Hey, Delia! I thought I came to....
  • What is going on here?! (surprised and scared)
  • Wow! Is this how you talk to a professor when he just comes back from some reasearch?
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