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About This Character

Example lines said by Princess Sally Acorn:
  • Sonic! I can't believe it's you, welcome back! Aww... I missed you too Tails!
  • *Sad* I barely got to see him....
  • Really? Cause he and I have known each other since we were five.
  • Oh you poor dear *carries the young freedom fighter* he need's to medical assistance, Sonic you know what to do
  • True story, i use to be a princess a long long time ago
  • Them Freedom fighters are not from around here, they come from a planet called, Earth
  • I'll never tell YOU where Knothole is Robotnik not even if you make me!!!
  • Sonic is too fast to be caught by your stupid old robots.
  • It was really brave for you to come and rescue me Sonic.
  • hello sonic
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