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About This Character

Example lines said by Pit:
  • Yaaaaaaah! (breaking the mirror)
  • I'M the original here!
  • Have no fear, for help is here! Behold, for it is I, Pit, the winged cherub! I have come to assist you on your quest! (Falls out of the sky) AAAH! (silence) Ugh... little help?
  • Well, I was in the neighborhood, and it looked like you could use a hand. Plus, you know, I gotta do something until my big fat Kid Icarus royalty check comes in! Mr. Miyamoto said he put the check in the mail. It should be here any day now...
  • (Almost losing it) YES, I WAS IN A VIDEO GAME! DOES KID ICARUS RING A BELL?! YOU KNOW, THE MOST POPULAR VIDEO GAME OF ALL TIME?!? I WAS A STAR!!! (silence) I'll be fine... just have to get it out of my system every so often.
  • (Frowning/Complaining childishly) He's got two Final Smash and a ton of super cool moves. That's not really fair at all. (Smiling nervously) Noooooo...I'd never be cheap if Lady Palutena taught me how to do a Hadoken! Honest!
  • (Confused) What's with Marth? Did he dye his hair red or something? (After being corrected; even more confused) Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay...who the heck is Roy...??
  • (Reminiscing) I wonder what Snake has been up to all these years? (Frightened at memories that have just resurfaced) Oh man...I still have nightmares over his CQC grabs. You can't get close to him without getting trapped in a chokehold. Owww....
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