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About This Character

Example lines said by Phil DeVille:
  • Its alright T. I know how much Kimi means to you. Who knows, maybe she's back in town today. I guess you never know what might happen.
  • Where did those spitballs that you had earlier come from?
  • Hey! Here's the champion!
  • Ever since when Angelica left High School two years ago, Lil became the new 'Popular Girl In School' and all that they talk about is boys, make up and Orlando Bloom.
  • Hey T, looking forward to graduation in nine months?
  • That's OK T. I know how much Kimi means to your life. Who knows maybe she's back in town today, I guess you never know.
  • Call me crazy, but that kid looks kind of familiar!
  • What? I'm not a plant person; I'm a people person.
  • Since when do you listen to me? I'm a moron. Plus, Angelica's the one who made us come back in here.
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