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About This Character

Example lines said by Petra Ral:
  • Corporal Levi, sir...I was told you wanted to see me?
  • Heichou!
  • [On why she though Squad Levi died] Well we were the hand picked soldiers of the Survey Corps, so there is only one reason. All of our eyebrow games were weak, meanwhile Eren had thick eyebrows and Levi was, well, Levi.
  • I seriously tried to convince Hajime to let Petra live, but he was stubborn as a rock.
  • [On her death scene] Filming it washeartbreaking yet hilarious. It was queer being rolled up into a cloth and pushed out of a wagon numerous times. It left bruises all over my body for my last day of filming, although it was worth it because after my scenes were done I became assistant director!
  • As president of my class, I dont have to answer that question. But if the Saint Titania Academy Hosts or Hostesses want to visit our school on official business there is nothing either of you can do to interfere with that.
  • Wh-what? I do not come to the Host Club for Levi.
  • I suppose I could help. Why? Because Im a nice person.
  • We're sorry we didn't trust you. Please believe in us. Believe in us, Eren!
  • (Scream/yell) CAPTAIN!!
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