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About This Character

Example lines said by Palutena:
  • His very existence is unnatural. He must be eliminated!
  • He's like 'Yarr I'll make ye walk the space plank, scurvy dog!' That's just a loose translation.
  • Despite the Underworld Invasion the people haven't given up hope!
  • Hmmm.. this actually looks kinda fun! Even though Pit is one of the Angels who can fight and sacrifice everything for me and the humans.. why am I not ending up fighting? I was only helpless in most occasions!

    Well, no more! Here I come world!
  • *Laughing or Chuckles* Well.. I always thought humans wanted power and fame. Even though Mario lost to you James, you still didn't think you deserve the win. *chuckles* I like you.
  • (Explaining) That's Ryu, Pit. He's one of the world's strongest street fighters... (giggle) and he's not wearing pajamas. That's his training outfit. He travels the world in search of strong opponents to hone his own skills as a warrior.
  • (Playfully) I wouldn't say that he's balanced...as he has two Final Smashes unlike everybody else.
  • (Warning) Remember, Pit, use your Guardian Orbitars to counter Snake's projectiles and use your bow to keep him at bay. Wait for an opening and strike! (Laughing) That is, until he keels over from smoking all of those cigarettes!
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