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About This Character

Example lines said by Oracle / Barbara Gordon:
  • we both know that's suits insulated.. So stop yapping.. No shortcuts
  • Batwoman, I need you to look out for Bruce, he's not himself lately
  • hell know you're watching him,he always does, but he's not the same so, just be careful
  • Is that it? I fail the final because I can't tell you in fifty words or less why I want to do this? You may have all the tools of the trade, but you don't have a monopoly on wanting to help. I'll tell you why, you big scary goon... because I can.
  • A little over a year has passed since my old life ended, since I died and was reborn. The shadows remain, but only to give contrast to the light. I am no longer a distaff impersonation of someone else Im me, more me than I have ever been. I embrace it, and the light, with a deep, continuing joy.
  • Because we work to do the same thing. Make a difference in Gotham.
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