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About This Character

Example lines said by Norman (Hoenn Gym Leader):
  • Hm? Well, if it isn't Dave! So you're all finished moving in? I'm surprised that you managed to get here by yourself. Oh, I see. You're with your Pokmon. Hmm Then I guess you're going to become a Trainer like me, Dave. That's great news! I'll be looking forward to it!
  • Hm... So, you did get four Gym Badges. Fine, as I promised, we will have a Pokmon battle. Dave... I'm so happy that I can have a real battle with my own child. But, a battle is a battle! I will do everything in my power as a Gym Leader to win. Dave, you'd better give it your best shot, too!
  • ... I... I can't... I can't believe it. Dave... I lost to Dave? But, rules are rules! Here, take this.
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