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About This Character

Example lines said by Newscaster:
  • *come of with a top story*
  • Could you explain the significance of this press conference?
  • We're just receiving pictures of the invasion of London... I repeat, the invasion of London that is taking place as we speak...
  • Casualties are high... Many of the wounded are being moved from London Central as that erea has now been declared a DANGER ZONE...

    It's believed taht Marshall Law will be put into operation within the hour.

    Prime Minister Hawkspur is, at present, unavaliable for comment...

    And, we're just receiving word that BBC News Reporter Tony Mc-

    (Pauses in shock for a moment, but her professionalism kicks in.)

    Tony McCabe has been killed at Oxfor Circus covering the invasion.

    What's happening? ... Hello? Control? ...
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