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About This Character

Example lines said by Nami:
    Compass left behind, it will only slow us down
    Your heart will be your guide, raise the sail and take the helm
    So come on board and bring along all your hopes and dreams
    together we will find everything that we're looking for
    One Piece!
  • (SPEECH) ''[Anger] Luffy! You idiot! Stop acting like a child!''
  • It's never ending with those idiots. HEY! Lay off the sob stories! You know how dangerous this island is! Let's not give it any help in killing us!
  • (yelling at Roshi in a rage) That wasn't a compliment!
  • (talking to herself) Just one more time and everything will be the same. Everything will come back to me. And I will be free from Arlong. Bellemere-san. Finally, I can laugh with all my heart.
  • Its time to come clean you guys. We want the truth and we want it now. For your sake, it better be the answer that we're looking for. Otherwise, things are going to get a bit unpleasent.
  • Luffy! If you even think about touching my Tangerine Tree, I'm going to throttle you!
    GOD-DAMMIT LUFFY! ARGHH! (Threatning, then Angry Screaming!)
  • Okay, lets get down to it. This is the map that we traced from Amanda's back. The big X right there, you'd think thats where the treasure is right? Wrong! Using the Pendant that Horrie got from his Dad, the treasure is infact hidding underneath the Mountain.
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