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About This Character

Example lines said by Nai:
  • *quiet with fear in his voice* Gareki, i don't need you. Gareki, i don't....*long pause* Gareki's sca... *Calling out to Gareki* Ga...! Gareki! *Sob uncontrolably*
  • *in thought* I get sad seeing Gareki depressed, is this what it means to care about someone? How does this happen? I was really happy when Gareki saved me.
    Gareki was saved by Tsubaki too, and they became family because of the bond they share.
    And kindess is the foundation for that bond isn't it? But have i been ever kind to others?
  • I-i'm going not metter what. *raise your voice* I must! Otherwise Karoku will die!! Karoku said to come right away, *determined* so if i have to i'll go alone.
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