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About This Character

Example lines said by Nabiki Tendo:
  • Don't worry, Daddy - the only young girls HE could fool are the ones who take their teeth out at bedtime!
  • You know what they say... it's all fun and games until someone loses their pride.
  • Can't blame a girl for trying to make a little cash.
  • Urd!! Why are you mocking me!! Answer me!! I'm asking you!! Why?!!...... Urd!!.... One... Two.... If you won't answer me, then I'll be really mad!!
  • Urd...... You are disrespecting my rule!! ............... You know what! I'm older than you! You are just 13 but I'm already 17. So therefore, you should respect me for I am the host of Stars Unlimited.
  • Bully me one more time, then I'll let you sleep outside!!! Remember that!!
    ...................... Urd!! Stop crying!! Or I'll be angry!!
  • (Annoyed) Seriously Dad we are going to be living in this dump? I know you told me that we couldn't afford to live in our old home anymore but still this is the best place you can come up with?

    (Smug taunting tone) More like adjusting to the fact that your dear childhood friend has grown up to be one of Japan's most infamous perverts.
  • (Deadpan Sarcastic) Ah yes all hail Ranma the Mighty and the Modest as well

    (Trying to lie her way out of getting caught) I was only trying to find out where you were father as any concerned daughter would.
  • (Cynical and apathetic) I really don't see why you guys care so much about what happens to that loser Ronin.

    (Gleefully teasing) Aw how cute, oh it's so nice to see Akane being Ryouga's doting little wife huh?
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