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About This Character

Example lines said by Mutta Nanba:
  • (Normal, happy, and calm narrative tone) In the World cup preliminaries, Japan was seconds away from qualifying, when they gave up on a goal... and lost their chance. It was a day of agony as a certain groaned, while the entire nation sighed in exasperation.
  • Three years later, September 17th, 1996. Nomo pitched a no hitter. A day of glory! While the entire nation erupted in cheers, my brother was born.
  • Unemployed... haha... Unemployed...! Hahahahaha...! ...I'll cry when I get home...
    I'm Nanba! Uwah! Heh... the irony... They're sending me off in the award-winning car I designed. (Pause a moment) *Smug* Don't worry about it. People lose their jobs every day. I'm used to suffering. That's what happens when you're born during the Agony of Doha. *Serious tone* I have one last word of advice for you kids... *Cry a bit* Do not, under any circumstances headbutt your supervisor like I did.
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