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About This Character

Example lines said by Morgan (Male):
  • (Battle Quotes) Checkmate! Time to even the odds! Game over!
  • (Death Quote) M-Mother, where...where are you...? Let me see you...one last...
  • (Improv) What are your favorite things to do around the barracks in your free time?
  • *Sigh* No luck today, either... I'm going crazy trying to remember you. I feel so useless! I'm just so... *sniff* Why can't I... *sob*
  • .... Drats! It's not working. I don't remember a thing. It's like... Have you ever stared at a word so long it kind of fell apart? And you think, Is that how that's spelled? Wait, is that even a real WORD?! Except here it's Is that what Father looked like?
  • Too slow! I parry with ease! Is that all you've got, fiend?! Ha ha! My turn! Flamingo...PUUUUUUUUUUUNCH!
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