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About This Character

Example lines said by Mondo Ohwada:
  • Introduce yourself as Oowada, or if the song you're singing has spoken parts that works as well.
  • Name's Mondo Owada. Nice to freakin' meetcha.
  • Y-You... Don't overdo it... If this joke doesn't stop right now, I will--You freak! I don't care if you're remote controlled or a stuffed toy, I'm going to crush you like a fly!
  • I've had it. Get the hell out of my way... My bad, Naegi.
  • My name is Mondo Oowada. Nice to freakin' meet ya'.
  • What do you know about my brother?
  • That's right bro! Well said!
  • Could ya be witness for us? This guy's been sayin' stuff and it's been pissin' me off.
  • I'm sorry, Brother. I couldn't keep our promise between men.
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