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About This Character

Example lines said by Momo Hinamori:
  • Sing a verse of Bengara Koushi
  • Oh no, Renji. Were you eavesdropping.
  • Captain Zaraki. It seems I'm the only one who's noticed. One of the bells... on your head... is out of place! I'm sorry! Would you let me fix it for you? Just kidding!
  • Please save Captain Aizen. What Captain Aizen is doing is bad, but I bet he has a good reason for it. Yeah, that's it... Surely Captain Ichimaru or someone is forcing him...
  • Captain Aizen's words... his voice... Captain's everything calms my restless spirit. I'm so glad I came... I'm so lucky to serve under you, Captain Aizen.
  • Don't worry about me, Rangiku. I've come to this battlefield as the Fifth Division Lieutenant. I bear the adjutant's plate upon my arm. But what that signifies is that I am here as 'the officer responsible for the Fifth Division'. Not as 'Captain Aizen's subordinate'. That man is now the enemy of Soul Society.
  • Shiro, Im sorry.
  • The fireworks truly are beautiful, arent they Shiro?
  • I do. It will stay between us. You know Ive always looked up to both of you, you were always so strong.
  • Lil Shiroooo! I got you something! Merry Christmas!
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