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About This Character

Example lines said by Misty:
  • But Daddy, I-- I didn't mean to disobey--
  • [sighing as she says] I know...
  • But what if I don't wanna be Queen? It's no fun.
  • [Kiara's part of We Are One]

    If there's so much I must be.
    Can I still just be me.
    The way I am
    Can I trust in my own heart,
    Or am I just one part
    Of some big plan
  • [Kiara's part of Love Will Find A Way]

    In a perfect world
    One we've never known
    We would never need to face the world alone

    They can have the world
    We'll create our own
    I may not be brave or strong or smart
    But somewhere in my secret heart

    I know
    Love will find a way
    Anywhere I go
    I'm home
    If you are there beside me

    Like dark turning into day
    Somehow we'll come through
    Now that I've found you
    Love will find a way
  • [to Ash] Shouldn't you know?
  • [replied] They must be chasing after that guy with that monkey,
  • We gotta go after him. He's probably gonna get in trouble,
  • (Worried) Gayrados you've got to calm down!
  • (Cheerful) I'm Misty, nice to meet'cha!
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