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About This Character

Example lines said by Misae Sagara:
  • Peeping in the girls dormitory...
  • What is it Okazaki...? [tiredly]
  • You won't peep in the girls' dorm again, will you?! You swear?! [while she has the arm-lock on Sunohara Youhei]
  • ( irritated ) Quiet. ( angrily ) QUIET! Will you guys knock it off!
  • *angry* Quiet! Quiet!! Will you guys knock it off?
  • *annoyed* Those stupid kids! I'm the one all of the darn neighbors complain to, you know.
  • *still annoyed* You're just as much at fault of that. I hope you've learned your lesson after that little assault.
  • What do you all want with me?
  • (Stubborn) No. Bye.
  • Oh, Sakagami-san. Are you here to ask questions about the student council again?
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