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About This Character

Example lines said by Miles :
  • It's no good Amy... I'm never going to learn to shoot one of these things.
  • Besides, we don't need another sharp-shooter as long as we have you around.
  • Where's he gone? I can't see him anywhere. Where's he gone?
  • *Hard to describe... kinda'... shocked and emotionless* Everyone, can you leave me alone?
  • *Crying* When this was all over, *Gets angry yet still is slightly crying* you said you would come live with us! *Cries again*
  • *Crying* Cosmo... *Yells yet still crying* I love you!
  • All systems are ready! Sonic were ready to take off!
  • I'm done being a child, I have people counting on me, I won't run away this time!
  • *say anything*
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