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About This Character

Example lines said by Michelangelo 2003:
  • Yo, pot, meet kettle!
  • Guys.guys..GUYS!!!!You all need to step off and chill out. We lost our dad, we lost our home, all our stuff, we got no food, an all you dudes wanna do is fight each other. Well that totally sucks. Instead of arguin' maybe we should be deciding' where we're gonna go next.
  • Man, I'm so stoked you're finally gonna meet woody, bro! He's such a righteous dude- have I told you that? Woody's super cool. He caught us in the dumpster like a year ago.
  • Nunchucks are the best, they aren't even legal in some states, .........I think..
  • Hello, I'm Michelangelo, or Mickey. I like to dance all night and eat pizza :)
  • Um, I don't really have anything to say but, rock on!
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