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About This Character

Example lines said by Mataro Mankanshoku:
  • (Smug) Heheh, like stealing candy from a baby--(Shocked) What?! I could've sworn I snatched her wallet!?

    (Indignant) Hey, don't get smart with me, b*tch! I've had my first kiss!
  • (Proudly) I'll teach you to mess with Lightning Quick Mataro! These Honnou City slums are our turf, see? And if you wanna make it out of here alive, you better drop your wallet and leave, sister!
  • (Frantic) Oh no, Big Sis!--Ow! Ouch!---I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Ill stop and go to school--OUCH! I promise!!

    (Excited) This is awesome! Lady, you're unstoppable! (Amorous) And boy, what a view, heheheh...!
  • Wow, girl! You're so strong!
  • Who is this chick?
  • His name is Guts.
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