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About This Character

Example lines said by Master Xehanort:
  • Ah it's great being Evil and embraced by Darkness. It's like... having your cake... and destroying all worlds.
  • Vanitas is amazing, so full of dark prowes! He's a true being of darkness, he's impeckible... so lush... I mean, he needs to be destroyed to preserve the light!
  • Terra, I'm about to get up all inside your guts! Quite literally! Now go my heart!
  • Ventus is on his way home. If you could have seen the fury in his
    eyes... I'm certain he's capable of anything. I fear the boy may attempt to
    force the truth out of Eraqus. Master Terra, you must hurry back and see to
    your friend's safety.
  • You know, at times I find your progress quite striking. But you still
    fall short. Let all that anger out, my boy. Give your heart over to darkness!
  • There you will watch your dear Ventus and Aqua meet their ends, and
    the last light within you will die!
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