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About This Character

Example lines said by Master Xehanort:
  • But darkness did cover the world once, in legend. We know so little about the Keyblade Waronly that it was just the beginning. Amidst the crisis, a precious light was found. It is a curious taleand one worth exploring. They say ruin brings about creation. So what, then, would another Keyblade War bring?
  • No. It is because you are trying to hold it in. Let the dark impulses waken in the pit of your heart. Release them, here and now! Sharpen your fear into rage. You must! If you do not let the storm within you run its course, it will wipe you from the face of the world, make no mistake! Do it. Embrace the darkness. Produce for your Master the X-blade!
  • At last, our moment is here. Out with the old and brittle vessel, and in with a younger, stronger new one! I swore I would survive... and be there to see what awaited beyond the Keyblade War! And now it is your darkness that shall be the ark that sustains me!
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