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About This Character

Example lines said by Master Roshi:
  • [warm, reassuring]
    The praise. The applause. It's all for you, Tenshinhan. You moved these people's hearts. Over are the days in which hatred and hostility are directed towards you. You've taken a first step today. A first step into a magnificent world of light.
  • [scolding his students]
    I have one piece of advice, however. At this rate, you will never be Gokus equal. Goku continued on his journey alone, and became steadily stronger! Fearlessly, he continued pushing further and further, and now he has succeeded in ascending to the Upper World! But what can you say about yourselves? You incessantly remain in the same place, and spend every day doing the same exact thing, all buddy-like.
  • [filtering with a mermaid (cuz why not, right?)]
    Well, I'm like a turtle, and you're part-fish, so why don't go inside and learn more about our species? (laugh)
  • It's not only cigarette butts that are scary, you know. (Roshi sounds serious when he says this)
  • Oh yeah! I gotcha, Bulma!
  • (Laughs) You know ol' Roshi. Just full of suprises!
  • Old bones still got some kick!
  • (Do his laugh)
  • Why, you little rascal!
  • May I see your panties, young lady?
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