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About This Character

Example lines said by Master Eraqus:
  • Today you two will be attempting the mark of mystery.... no that's not right, let's look at this thing... ah right, mark of mastery... well I was close.
  • Aqua, I want you to spy on Terra on his journey, now I know. That sounds like a dick move, but I just don't want to see him lose himself to the darkness... man I hate the darkness, I wish it'd die already!
  • Terra...I love you like a son....probably because you are my son... but if you refuse to listen to me, then you will become what I will make Ventus into... nothing!
  • Terra! I command you--step aside!
  • Why do all my attempts to reach you fail? If you don't have it in your
    heart to obey...then you will have to share Ventus's fate.
  • No, you were right. I failed you , Terra. Perhaps I've no one to blame
    but myself for the darkness inside you. And now I've done worse--raised my
    Keyblade against you and Ventus. My own heart is darkness!
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