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Example lines said by Masaru Daimon:
  • Masaru Daimon, the excellent leader uniting the Warriors of Hope enters with a zubababang My best subject is PE, so I've been named Li'l Ultimate P.E.!
  • I made a promise to the Warriors of Hope... A promise to Monaca... If any of us thinks we're going to become a dirty, ugly, stinky demon, we'll die as kids!
  • *Angry,trying to hold back tears* If I...hunt down every single Demon...then nobody has to be afraid anymore! Th-They won't have to be afraid of the violence, and the pain! Won't have to...afraid...*sobbing* I-I won't...be...afraid...I'm not...scared....at all...I don't hafta to be scared of the...the dark and the pain and the alcohol smell...not anymore...not anymore, not anymore! No matter how much you beat me, I won't be afraid anymore! You hear me?! Not going...be...afr...aid. *screaming furiously, pounding at his now trembling arm* STOP IT! STOP! STOP,STOP! I SAID STOP! I'M NOT SCARED! I'M NOT SCARED! I'M NOT SCARED OF ANYTHING! I'M A HERO! IM A HERO! A HERO ISNT AFRAID OF ANYTHING! HE ISN'T AFRAID OF DYING! OF KILLING! NOTHING! STOP ALREADY! STOP! STOP! STOP! STOP! *panting* I-It...finally... listened to me...*laughter, growing incresingly more insane* Ha...Hahaha...Hahahahahaha!
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