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About This Character

Example lines said by Mahiru Koizumi:
  • Oh, is this a new recruit? Shes very pretty, what did you say her name was again Naegi? Hello, Naegi, my name is Koizumi.
  • If you knew how awful the men of this world were, if you really REALLY knew Youd understand why I hate them so much, why they all deserve to die.
  • Youre a. A. A MAN?! Stay Stay AWAY FROM ME! ILL KILL YOU I SWEAR!
  • Alright, say cheese!
  • You're a man, right? Pull yourself together!
  • Jeez, all men are like this.
  • Hey! Did no one ever teach you about delicacy? Are you living in a country full of males?
  • Well, I regret to inform that you are hereby branded Hajime the unreliable. I expect you to work hard to shake that title off. Act more like a man!
  • Photos depict everything, whether its beautiful or horrible. Thats the truth contained in these images... Thats why no matter what situation were in, its a photographers duty to keep taking photos.
  • You should really listen to what people say, you know! Otherwise youll miss the important details! Like that, just now! (Nagging, lecturing, serious)
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