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About This Character

Example lines said by Luna:
  • You must fight evil when it confronts you, you must not be afraid.
  • Sailor Moon would be good right now!
  • Hey, that's not how the end of it goes.
  • Come on, Usagi! I mean, screaming and klutzing out just doesn't make it against the Negaverse!
  • I don't care if Sailor Moon is a ditz. She's the leader of the Sailor Scouts and that's that.
  • I can't believe it! This crybaby... she's the one?
  • [slightly annoyed] It isn't a bald spot! Don't be so rude! [clears throat, continues in a more gentle/explanatory tone] My name is Luna. I've been looking for you, Usagi-chan. You really helped me out when you took those bandages off. With them on, I couldn't talk and my mental functions were slow. [annoyed] The punk kids in this area are very bad, playing pranks like that.
  • [desperate] Usagi-chan, this isn't a dream!

    [confident] You still don't believe me? Try calling out, Moon!
  • [desperate, slightly frustrated] Usagi-chan, do something! Fight! Take that enemy down!

    [encouraging] Now, Usagi-chan! Grab your tiara! And shout, Moon Tiara Boomerang!
  • (Annoyed) Can't they ever be serious?
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