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About This Character

Example lines said by Lucy Heartfilia:
  • (Dodging attack) AAH!!!
  • (Concern, disbelief) That was a strong opponent... Even Natsu was struggling to pull even with him.
  • (Yelling concern) Natsu!
  • Natsu! We need to go on a mission! I already got a warning and theyll kick me out of my house for not paying rent soon!
  • ?!?!? Thats ridiculous! Where would I sleep!?
  • would you two stop fighting already!
  • Why would I learn how to fight when I have a bunch of astrological monsters to do it for me?
  • So this is Fairy Tail huh? Its a lot more.... violent than I'd imagined.
  • I REALLY don't wanna have to bring this disgusting thing out but.... Open! Gate of the Bull!
  • You stupid cat!
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