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About This Character

Example lines said by Lucy Heartfilia:
  • Open, gate of the water bearer, Aquarius!
  • *To Gajeel Redfox* You guys are complete idiots! I feel so sorry for you, I think I'm tearing up. Phantom Lord? The spirit ruler? What a joke; I'm not afraid of you at all!
  • Oh, guilds are organizations where wizards gather to share information and find work. You can't be considered a full-fledged wizard unless you're in a guild.
  • One of these days Happy, I'm going to chop you up, burn your body & shove you down a freaking hole!!!
  • (Quickly and Excited) Hey Natsu look at this cool tattoo I got that wasn't shown for unknown reasons relating the topic at hand
  • (Sarcastically Funny) whats your problem Natsu waking away from your gay thoughts?
  • I...I wont give up....no matter what happens my friends are counting on me!
  • My name is Lucy Heartfilia , and I am a celestial wizard!
  • (Sad/Crying) Why...why are you doing this all for me?!
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