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About This Character

Example lines said by Lucy:
  • Kojie what's that sticky stuff?
  • Oh its just ice cream okay!
  • can I eat it?! *Slurp*
  • You have to understand, I was born to put an end to human life.
    Every instinct I have tells me to kill you
    and if I listened to them humanity's decline could happen in less than 5 years.

    But if I succeed in remaking the world, you would have to die. Kouta you were a happy dream in a Life that has been nothing but a hellish nightmare, those days I spent with you are the only good days, I have ever known. I cherish them.
    (Starting to cry) All this time, Ive lived in the hope of telling you how sorry I am. Ive fought armies just to have this chance. But now theres nothing I can say thats good enough.
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