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About This Character

Example lines said by Levi:
  • No need to fear, the man of perfection is here!
  • Attack, my Fangirls!
  • Now that that's over with, how did the titans get here in the first place?
  • One: don't you ever touch me again. Two: don't you ever touch me again.
  • I think the best form of discipline is pain.
  • If you want to throw your life away, then be my guest! But don't risk the lives of others!
  • That voice.... it's not....?
  • Theres so much I wanted to do with you, and so much I wanted to say to you.. I owe you so much, but now itll forever remain a heavy debt because youre dead.
  • How dare you accuse her of something that she cannot control! What the hell is wrong with you anyways? All youve been is suspicious and quiet.
  • Someone has to get control of the security room. Once we have that control, we have a huge advantage over everyone. We can see from all angles of the school where theyre coming from and how theyre approaching us.
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