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About This Character

Example lines said by Lenneth Valkyrie:
  • Human, life is not something to be thrown away. If you are a true warrior, you will find your path in the maelstrom of battle.
  • It is my task to hunt those creatures who prey upon the living. Abomination!! You have no place in this world!
  • The death of a loved one. For they that remain, the wounds grow deeper and deeper... They that remain grow weaker and weaker, an agony incomparable, their hearts in bondage. Can you not see it? She has ceased to live, frozen in time. It is the same as if you had slain her with one of your arrows. [after Llewelyn asked her what he should do about his loved one, Millia] There is no need to pretend. Simply do what you can. *sighs* This is not my task... I am no Goddess of Love...
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