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About This Character

Example lines said by Leafa / Suguha Kirigaya:
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  • Those two damn it! They are risking too much going in
    on their own.
    (Extremely furious)
    Just wait until Raphael gets home he is going to get it!
  • I will go to them, and I will bring them back here and just you wait youll see what Ill do
    (Takes a deep breath)
    Despite our last attack on Los Illuminados, there is still such a thing as too bold of a move!
  • So. What do you all think of the new guy? He is kind of cute dont you think?
    (You can clearly see that Raphael is getting angry)
  • I was never right for the hero type of role, I admit it!
  • Shivering in fear, I can see today's reflected in each past tear.
  • I know your strength is what I lack, you've got my back and know that I've got yours!
  • Brother, we don't have much time left! There's only one dot left on the jewel! (Worried sick, obviously wanting everyone to hurry)
  • He's not ugly. He's cute. (Annoyed, head down, referring to Tonkii.)
  • (Again, pick a monologue of any length and style. Your choice. Then include battle noises)
  • Brother, why are you playing this game all of a sudden?
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