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About This Character

Example lines said by Krista Lenz:
  • Hello again, Ymir. Its so nice to see you today.
  • [Surprised/worried] What do you mean theyre going to take over the restaurant?!
  • [On the verge of tears] Marco, why does it hurt this much? How can a little word like trust just hurt so much?
  • Ymir, don't get so cocky...
  • Oh thank God everyone's safe. I was really scared there for a second.
  • Does anyone have any questions before we begin?
  • *worried*Are you okay? Are you hurt? Would you like me to get you something?
  • Y-ymir! *embarassed* knock it off!
  • T-That's all I could get...is it ok...?
  • B-But first...you really should drink some water!
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