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About This Character

Example lines said by Krillin (Young):
  • [amazed, worried that Goku will get the rock before him, but comes to a realization and comes up with a plan]
    Is that guy even human? Oh no! Hes gotten ahead of me! Hold on. Its nearly impossible to find a little rock in that jungle for less than thirty minutes. (mischievous snicker) Thats it. Thats it! If I were to do that..
  • [excited, explaining to Goku]
    You dont know about the Tenkaichi Tournament?! Its an incredible competition, where the masters of martial arts from all lands gather to determine who is Tenkaichi, the best fighter beneath the heavens!
  • [serious, determined]
    Theres no such thing as dirty fighting in a match like this!
  • I'll show you, old man!
  • Get off my broccoli!
  • Hey Master Roshi teach me...Please teach me O' Great Turtle Dummy!
  • Goku look at her isn't she pretty..Ahhh Bulma
  • Destructo DISC!
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