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About This Character

Example lines said by Kotomi Ichinose:
  • ( happily ) I just made it back from America. How are you?
  • *softly* I made this lunch all by myself.
  • *soft then gets louder* N-n-n-no...I...I....AAAAAHHHHH!!!! *starts crying hysterically* NO!!! I'LL BE GOOD! I'LL BE GOOD!
  • *gently* The day before yesterday I saw a rabbit, yesterday I saw a deer, and today I saw you
  • See you soon Okazaki!
  • Oh don't worry, I've read all the books.
  • Tomoya-kun. I want to try playing baseball, too.
  • I watched you and Tomoyo-chan having a match against the Baseball Team. It looked like lots of fun.
  • (Really Happy) I did it!
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