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About This Character

Example lines said by Klein / Ryotaro Tsuboi:
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  • Duuuuude, I, like, can't log out of the game, man...
  • Like, thanks for helping me. My pizza should be done by now.
  • Whatdya mean my entire house may catch on fire? The pizza was in the microwave!
  • Yeah, it's a trap, I know... But saving her, it's just something I have to do! (Conflicted. Put some samurai into it, if that makes sense. Energy is key.)
  • I don't have a single point in hammer skills... (Okay, put bluntly - This guy just got Thor's hammer all to himself and he can't use it. Ever. Disappointed. A lot of that.)
  • (Again, pick a monologue of any length and style. Your choice. Then include battle noises, and for him RIDICULOUSLY over the top.)
  • Tell your best joke.
  • Um kirito i'm not so sure about this.
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