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About This Character

Example lines said by Ken Amada:
  • Two years ago....they killed my mother.....those damn shadows!
  • Mr. Aragaki...is he going as well..? (Flustered, Shy)
  • But it wasn't an accident....My mother was murdered! She was murdered by you!
  • (When asked if you're going to the festival)

    Huh? I.I didnt really think about it

    Uh..um..You think Aragaki-San is going there as well.?
  • This place here.Its a secret spot that we found, my mother and I, we used to come here together every year.

    When my mother died, it kind of hit me.

    Oh, so now all the good times are over for me

    Butnow everyday is filled with so much fun, I never imaginedthat I would ever smilelike this ever again.

    Itd be nice.if it could just be like this forever.
  • At first I thought it WAS the shadows, but I was wrong!

    I remembered it clearly the other day. When I saw your Persona go berserk

    So thats how mother was killedso callously *Deep inhale from anger and sadness* Theres no way youll get away with that!

    Thats why! Ive decided to kill you here and now!
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