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About This Character

Example lines said by Kaoru Hitachiin:
  • I'm Kaoru, this is Hikaru. We're almost too gay to function
  • This map shows the school's central nervous system; the club rota. You've got your Kendo, Newspaper, Soccer, Kemari, the gayest people you will ever meet and the worst...
  • And vain takes a human form in Tamaki Suoh. He loves everything about his reflection; that's why his hair is so big - it's full of ego!
  • Of course I knew that Hikaru and I are not the same. The one who isn't me is Hikaru, and the one who isn't Hikaru, is me. (Slightly sad, nostalgic)
  • (Q: Which did you prefer being, blue or pink?) (thinking) I...I think I preferred blue, then again, I mainly asked Hikaru which he wanted to be, and was the other. (Sarcastically) Thinking back, Pink may not have been the best color, it doesn't match my eyes.
  • (Improvise an answer to the following question: What is your favorite memory of the host club so far?)
  • Well, how are we supposed to tell when you hide your face with that hood?
  • Oh, now you've done it, commoner!
  • And there are more coming from her back.
  • Oh now you've done it, commoner. The bidding on that vase was supposed to start at 8 million yen. (soft scolding)
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