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About This Character

Example lines said by Kanako Kasugazaki:
  • i can read the future haruhi
  • Hey i just met you and this is crazy but I like you now so call me maybe
  • tea..Tea....TEATEATEATEATEA!!!
  • My name is Kanako, Kanako Kasugazaki.
    You're even cuter than I expected.
    I've decided.
    From now on, you're going to be my new favorite host, Haruhi.
  • Quick, quick, slow. Quick, quick, slow.
    Good work, Haruhi.
    Now on the slow, you should bring your feet together.
    The gentleman always leads.
    And make sure to look at the lady you're dancing with.
  • Oh, no problem.
    I heard that you're not seeing any customers today so that you can practice dancing.
    I'm glad I got to spend this time alone with you.
    Oh, my!
    This is a new tea set, isn't it?
    It's Ginori.
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